Custom Pool Building

We have over 35 years of in-house combined swimming pool experience. We build, remodel, clean and service pools in over 19 different cities covering three counties: Dallas, Tarrant and Ellis. We build, remodel, maintain or service almost 400 pools per year. There is currently no licensing, certifications or liability insurance required in the state of Texas to be a pool service company or even a pool builder. We, however, are fully insured and go out of our way to make sure our employees are the highest trained people in the entire DFW area. Roughly less than 10% of all pool companies have any certifications or insurance. Unfortunately, we field numerous calls from homeowners who are at their wits end with the pool they are building or have just had built. The builder either has left town or the pool is cracked, or even worse the equipment pad and all associated plumbing is not capable of keeping the pool clean or safe to swim in.

How do you assure you are dealing with a reputable pool builder or service company?

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