Before - In these two pictures you can see this pool deck had three different types of surfaces: Expossed aggragate, Flagstone and Cool Deck

After - We applied a concrete stamped overlay to all three substrates to give the pool deck a uniform monlithical pour look

Before & After - This is a picture of the cantilever cool deck and handrail that is unsecure. The picture on the right is our remodel. You can see the concrete stamp overlay with coping detail, new more secure handrail, new plaster and more detailed spotter tiles on the steps.

Before - The following pictures show various pictures othe the raised spa with flagstone spillway. Notice that the raised spa deck is falling away.

After - Here are the pictures of the finished project. New pool tile, glass tile in spa, travertine raised spa wall, stair-stepped spa spillway, new concrete deck and stamped concrete.

Before - These two pictures show this pool as we were putting on the new tile and pulling off all the rock that had already been falling off.

After - Here is the newly remodeled pool with new tile, coping and ledger stone on the raised wall.

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