General Questions

Are your employees drug tested?

All of our employees are drug tested. Since we also provide all vehicles and automobile insurance we have a vested interest in making sure our employees are responsible.

Do your employees who are going to be entering my yard and possibly my house have a criminal background?

All of our employees go through a complete background check including a criminal background check. If we wouldn’t feel safe to have our employees in our house then we certainly wouldn’t send them to yours.

What certifications do you individually have?

There is absolutely nothing required in the state of Texas from keeping anyone suddenly announcing that they are a pool builder or pool service company. Less than 10% of all pool professionals have any formal education. We undeniably have one of the most educated staff in the entire DFW metroplex.

What, if any, liability insurance does your company have?

Again, in Texas, there are no requirements for a pool builder or service company to be insured. We are fully insured with a 1 million dollar policy.

Are these trucks provided by your company or are they personal vehicles?

Crystal Clear Custom Pools currently owns roughly 20 different trucks and trailers. If the trucks were individually owned, it would indicate that the company is using sub-contractors. This is important because a company has no say over what education or experience the subs have. Most subs will be illegal aliens and besides the obvious language barrier, there will be no formal education with these workers. We have a staff of 10 employees and handle all weekly cleaning, service/repairs, and even aspects of remodeling and pool construction in-house with our employees.

Does your company provide health insurance or vacation benefits?

We provide a truck, auto insurance, gas, health insurance, paid vacation, paid training and paid sick time for all of our employees. Wouldn’t you rather use a company that tries to take care of their employees instead of a company that uses illegal aliens?

Does your company have a dedicated fully stocked repair truck that can repair my equipment and replace parts on the spot without charging me additional trip charges?

We have 3 fully stocked repair trucks that contain over 13 different pump motors, 6 different complete sets of DE grids, enough PVC and fittings to replumb any pad. We can even completely rebuild any Polaris or Legend cleaner on-site in most situations. We also carry most pump impellers and pump accessories. This is important since most of our competitors try to do service calls by using their pickup truck. After stocking their trucks with cleaning equipment and chemicals there is no room for parts. The main two problems are that first off they will try and charge you for a trip charge or fuel surcharge fee punishing you for the fact that they aren’t properly equipped to handle common problems on the spot. The other problem is that you are guaranteed that your pool could be down for several days if not a week without circulation. In Texas you know that will mean you will have a green swamp by the time they finally return with the part.

What pool renovation certifications do you have?

Once again nothing is required in Texas to renovate pools. Ask all of the pool companies you are talking to what certifications they have and you will get 1 or 2 responses. First, they will make up a certification. Call them on it and ask them to show you their certification papers. If they are lying from the get-go then do you want to give them $40,000 to $60,000 to build your pool? The other response you will get is that they will say something to the effect of “I’ve been building pools for years” or “I build 50 pools a year”. They will say they know everything there is to know about building pools. Those people that think they know everything, usually don’t know anything.

Do you outsource all of the pool service/renovation jobs to subs? What if any work on my pool is done in-house?

Practically 99% of all pool companies in the state of Texas outsource 100% of all aspects of pool construction. Most don’t even do the start-up or pool school. Why? Because they don’t know how to use the equipment. But yet they designed your pool and told you which equipment you were going to get because they knew best. We will do the pool design, pool layout on the ground, plumbing, setting of pool equipment, rebar, bonding, tile, coping, plaster preparation, final acid wash, Deck-O-Seal and we will maintain the pool for usually 3 months free of charge. This, of course, is all done in house. If during the busy season we don’t have the personnel to handle all of these aspects of construction, then we will have one of our in-house experts there to oversee the task they specialize in.

Pool Service Questions

Are the representatives coming to my house employees or subs?

We employ the most educated staff in all of DFW. Why? Because almost all of the sub-contractors in Texas are illegal aliens that have no formal education in the task they are performing. Most of the subs you would see hired by other pool companies would have workers that the week before were pushing a mower or nailing shingles. We went through the growing pains of uneducated subs, drinking while on the job and subs never showing up. We realized the only way we would be able to provide quality would be to have our own employees trained and do the job in house. All weekly cleaning, service/repairs, remodel and pool building tasks are done by our in-house staff. There are a few tasks because of equipment costs that we do sub out. However, we will have one of our trained technicians on-site to educate and hold the subs responsible for their work.

What are the different kinds of filters?

Another vital part of your pool. Ask your pool builder what are the different media types in today’s filters and what the micron size ability of each is. I’m sure they are going to dodge the question and say the filter they are giving you is the best. We will leave that decision to the homeowner after we explain the in and outs of all the filters available. We will strongly recommend what we know is best and then allow you to choose.

The other pool company said that he is giving me an automatic pool cleaner so I’m sure there isn’t much difference between cleaners, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most automatic pool cleaners are junk. There is only one excellent automatic pool cleaner and setup that is worth putting in a new pool. We know because we clean over 250 pools weekly. Ask any of our pool cleaners what cleaner they want to see in the pools on their route. Don’t be fooled by what you read on the internet. Different cleaners are used in different parts of the country. Homeowners say that their cleaner is the best or worst but they have nothing to compare that too. We compare all cleaners daily and know them all well.

The other pool company is giving me a bigger pump for the same price. So they are giving me a better deal right?

Run Forest, Run! This is the classic sign that the builder is incompetent. Our service department replaces roughly 50 motors a year and half of that is because they were improperly sized by builders trying to lie their way into a sale. Plumbing size, length of the run and total dynamic head dictate the size of the pump. That all has to be calculated after the plumbing is done and all the 45’s, 90’s, tees, couplers, and length of the run are determined. But wait didn’t the plumbers bury that stuff before my builder ever saw it? We always allow ourselves the flexibility to come back and change the filter motor, accessory motor and or the blower motor hp sizing based on what the plumbing ended up being.

What brand of equipment do you use?

This is the heart of your pool. Undersized or inadequate and your investment is useless. Ultimately, it is up to the homeowner what kind of equipment and what manufacturers they want. Other pool builders don’t give you a choice. You're getting the same equipment sizing and set up like every other pool they built because that is all they know. However, we build, maintain and service over 400 pools every week so we know what equipment works and what equipment is totally useless. We will educate the homeowner on what choices they have and then we will recommend what equipment would be best for them in their environment and their custom-designed pool. We will also educate them as to what brand names we recommend. We are not like most pool builders who stick with just one brand because they get a kickback from the manufacturer. We make honest suggestions based on real experience. Each manufacturer has certain products that are both good and not so good. Let us tell you based on our vast amount of experience.

Pool Renovation Questions

How long does it take for a pool to be renovated?

This is a common question asked by almost any anxious homeowner. If you get an answer that states that a pool can be built any faster then 40 days you are lucky because you just identified an incompetent builder who you were just going to trust with at least $40,000 of your money. Talk to us and we will explain to you how long it takes to build a pool properly and why certain things can’t be rushed.

Can I get accurate information from my friends and neighbors on who is a good pool renovation company?

That is an excellent place to start. It is amazing who you know that you didn’t realize had a pool renovated or who knows someone that just did. Talk to these people and ask them what problems they had or would they recommend that pool renovation company to you. It is amazing how a bad reputation travels.

What is rebound? What is encasement? What is cavitation? What is a total dynamic head? Do I care?

No, you shouldn’t have to care but unfortunately, your pool renovation expert doesn’t care either. These are basic pool building principles that any average pool company should be able to discuss in great detail with you. After all, he is the one that is going to be designing and overseeing the subs who aren’t certified. Just throw some of these terms out and see what happens.

Why didn’t my pool renovation company mention anything in particular about the plumbing?

Because they don’t know anything about it either. The builder probably doesn't know the basic plumbing principles such as total dynamic head, friction loss, pump curve or atmospheric pressure. The plumbing is passed on to untrained illegal subs and they come in and do something and bury it that day and leave to never be seen again. The plumbing is the veins and arteries of your pool. Too small and your pool is stagnant and green and you will be burning up your pump. Too simple and your pool is too difficult to maintain and leaves you with no flexibility in the future when problems arise. Looped or not looped, 2” or 1 ½”, schedule 40, dedicated skimmer lines? This is the reason we plumb all pools in-house or at the very least will send our plumber to watch the entire job being done if we aren’t able to fit it into our schedule to do it in-house in a timely manner. We are called to roughly 50 homes a year to look at pool problems that are results of inadequate pool plumbing. These fixes can run up to $15,000 to rectify if it can be fixed at all.

Will I get a raised stamp engineer’s plan on my pool?

Don’t be fooled by contracts that say “Engineered design” or “Engineered Drawing”. This is not done by a certified engineer and the so-called lifetime warranty the pool builder gives you is only good for as long as he decides not to change the company name he currently has. We evaluate the environment, soil, and cost of the project and if indicated we will pay for an independent Certified Engineer to engineer the specifications of the pool structure. We won’t try and fool our customers into thinking that is what we are providing.